Merit Megatouch Maxx Sapphire 2 Hard Drive

Merit Megatouch Maxx Sapphire 2 Hard Drive
Item# newitem1397931715

Product Description

For Megatouch Maxx Sapphire and Sapphire 2 Games

12 Month Warranty

If you have a Megatouch Maxx Sapphire that locks up or gives drive errors, chances are that your hard drive is going out. Fixing it can be harder than you might think, but not with this new hard drive. Just take out the old one, and put this one in. I have installed the very latest version of the Sapphire 2 software onto this drive, so you can rest assured that you won't be getting a version with bugs or other problems. This is version 13.10.

This is a BRAND NEW DRIVE! If you look, 90% of the other drives being sold on eBay are USED DRIVES (they may call them "refurbished", but anyone who knows anything knows you CANNOT refurbish a hard drive). Why not buy a BRAND NEW DRIVE? If you spend a few more bucks now, you won't have to worry about it for years!

This drive will work with existing Sapphire or Sapphire 2 games.

Shipping: This item will be shipped via UPS Ground to the continental 48. I am now using UPS Ground for most of my shipments. If you want it faster, or live outside the 48, let me know, and I'll give you a total.