Merit Megatouch Force 2010.5 Brand New SSD Flash Memory Hard Drive! 2010

Merit Megatouch Force 2010.5 Brand New SSD Flash Memory Hard Drive! 2010
Item# newitem1397932025

Product Description

For Megatouch Force 2010 and 2010.5 Games

Two Year Warranty

130 Games

For years I strived to sell the best Megatouch parts you can buy. I was selling new drives when everyone else was selling used (click here for more info). But because of changes in technology, it's become very difficult to find new IDE hard drives. The reason for this is that computers have been using sATA drives for a few years now, as they are better, faster, etc. Unfortunately, there are still a bunch of Megatouch games out there that need IDE drives.

Because of that demand, I've finally worked up a solution that will make everyone happy! This is a hard drive that has "flash" memory. The advantages are that this is smaller, produces less heat, and has no moving parts. The data access times and speed of the drive are the same as any other IDE drive. The included adapters means that you can plug this in to your existing cables and it fits perfectly into the 3.5" mounting bracket (see 2nd picture for a comparison - it's exactly the same).

The ONLY possible downside to this SSD drive is that it is SLIGHTLY more expensive than the new IDE drives I used to sell. $7 more to be exact. But, for that $7, you can know that you'll never need to worry about your hard drive again, and you'll have a machine that is creating substantially less heat.