Megatouch ION Asus Motherboard

Megatouch ION Asus Motherboard
Item# megatouch-ion-asus-motherboard

Product Description

If you have a Megatouch ION EVO, ION Elite Edge, ION Fusion, or ION Aurora game with the Asus motherboard, and the motherboard is shot, here you go! This is a refurbished motherboard. It includes all new capacitors, new CPU Fan, new battery, and a 1 year warranty! If you are considering buying a board with the original green on it, DON'T! It's just going to fail. The caps I use on these will last forever!

I would recommend purchasing this board if you have an ION EVO, ION Elite Edge, or ION Fusion (upright) game that originally shipped with an Asus motherboard. If your game originally came with the purple colored ECS board, I would recommend you purchase that board, as you will be able to swap it with no modifications.

If you have an Aurora game and the motherboard has failed, I would recommend you purchasing the "Intel Little Falls" motherboard that was used in the Rx and AuroraWS games. Those boards will drop right into ANY Aurora (with 2009 or newer software) and work without ANY modifications. Everything plugs directly in, and the board will work fine. The Intel boards have proven to be more reliable, faster, and are smaller, which makes working inside the cabinet easier. Also, they are cheaper!