Megatouch Force EVO 2008.5

Megatouch Force EVO 2008.5
Item# megatouch-force-evo-20085

Product Description

Merit Megatouch Force EVO 2008.5 Touchscreen Countertop Game


* 15" LCD Panel

* All in 1 Machine (no Separate box)

* Texas Hold 'Em 4!

* Motherboard Just Serviced!

* Working Perfectly!

* Setup for Freeplay (home use) mode!

* Warranty!

* Completely Cleaned/Checked!

A Little Bit About The Game...

This is a BEAUTIFUL Megatouch Force EVO 2008.5. It has a 15" flatscreen, and has been updated to the 2008.5 version of the Force software! The game is BEAUTIFUL, and works perfectly! As with all the games I sell, it has been completely shopped, cleaned, tested, and is working perfectly!

It has way over 100 games, including recent hits like Sudoku, Outlaw Poker, and Texas Hold Em 4. This is a GREAT game and it's ready to be put in your restaurant to earn money, or as the perfect addition to your home game room.

And this is the Force hardware, which means you can upgrade it to the 2009, 2010, etc, software, when they are released! This has just been updated to the very latest version of the 2008.5 software (version 25.00), and the motherboard has just been serviced. Also included in this machine are a new power supply and a new Flash (SSD) hard drive! So with this machine being serviced, you should have years of trouble free entertainment! All other components of the game are functioning perfectly. However, if something were to happen, you can rest easy because of my warranty.

This machine has been completely checked/cleaned, and is backed by the best warranty you'll find anywhere. There are others who claim to offer a warranty, but ask yourself this: Do you think they have the means to back it up? Look through my store. I have the most comprehensive selection of Megatouch parts ANYWHERE, as well as the experience to diagnose problems if they occur! I am happy to provide lifetime support on any game that I sell, and I can proudly say that I have the ability to be able to back it up. A lot of the other "warranties" you see are from copycat sellers just trying to compete with the few legitimate sellers. While some may have good intentions (and others are just flat out lying), they often lack the experience or knowledge necessary to provide the assistance they claim. While other sellers have come and gone, I've been happily providing the best refurbished Megatouches available (since 2001!).

The Details...

As with every game that I sell, this game is in wonderful shape!

The touchscreen is accurate and responsive in all areas of the screen. The sound is crystal clear. The DBV works perfectly, and the cabinet is in GREAT shape. Just a few, very small, nicks and scratches. I just installed a new hard drive, as well as serviced the motherboard (all electrolytic caps were replaced), and a new CPU fan was installed. This game has been checked, cleaned, and is working perfectly. And, it's a TON of fun!

List of games....

This machine has around 130 games. It has 9 different categories, and there is sure to be something for everyone. It has Adult games, which can be easily disabled, or set to come on after a certain time of the day (maybe after you put the kids to bed). It also has a "Kid's Club" category, for the little tykes that might be playing. You can have either the Kids Club or Erotic Games, but not both at the same time. Here's a full list of the games...

Jolly Pirates

Cattle Drive

Photo Pop

Ink Ral ly



11 Ball

Photo Hunt

Crypt Raiders


Castle Bandits

Funky Monkey

TV Guide Crosswords

Quik Match

Chug 21

Motor Match

Tri Castles

Magic Charns

Four Play

Pix Mix

Card Pirates

Outlaw Poker

Texas Hold 'Em 4

Card Raiders


UNO 52 Poker

Card Bandits

Tri Towers

11 Up

Power Solitaire

Race Poker

Take 2

Tri-Towers Trilogy

Run 21

Great Solitaire

Speed Draw

Zip 21

Gin Rummy

Battle 31

Outer Spades

Wild 8s

Quik Cell

Crazy Hearts

Euchre Nights

Mystery Phraze

Zen Word

Hollywood Match

Trivia Whiz?

Photo Hunt

Word Dojo


Tic Tac Trivia

TV Guide CrossWords

Word Safari

Power Trivia

Snap Shot

Gender Bender

Trivia Treasure

Pro Sports H2h Trivia

Pro Sports Mystery Phraze

Pharaoh's Fortune

Quiz Show Luxor Survival

Chainz 2 Relinked


Coco Loco

Draggle Drop



11 Ball

Chip Away

Monster Madness


Quik Chess

Moon Drop


Pharaoh's 9


Wild Apes


Super Snubbel

Domino 5

Conquest Kids Photo Pop


Draggle Drop



Sticker Book

Kids' Kolortime

Megatouch Switcheroo

Kids' Photo Hunt

Monkey Bash

Megatouch Mini Golf

Monster Madness

Hoop Jones

QB Zone

Funky Monkey


Meteor Shower


Tennis Ace

Air Shot

Mega Bowling

Look Out

Snap Shot

Four Play


Wild Apes Penthouse Photo Pop

Photo Hunt Penthouse

Photo Hunt Chippendales

Foxy Boxxi Penthouse

Foxy Boxxi Chippendales

Look Out Penthouse

Look Out Chippendales

Pix Mix Penthouse

Pix Mix Chippendales

Card Bandits Erotic

Castle Bandits Erotic

Strip Club

Trivia Whiz Erotic

Power Trivia Erotic

Mystery Phraze Craze Erotic

Photo Hunt Erotic

Foxy Boxxi

Look Out Erotic Dodge Bull


Tricky Fish

Chug Monkey

Office Bash

Monkey Bash

Feeding Frosty

Meteor Shower

MegatouchMini Golf

QB Zone

Hoop Jones

Look Out

Tennis Ace

Vinci Ball

Air Shot

Breakin' Bricks

Puck Shot


MGA Championship Golf

Mega Bowling

Rack 'Em

Rack 'em 9 Ball Card Pirates

Photo Pop

Dodge Bull

Chainz 2 Relinked

Luxor Survival

Ink Rally

Tricky Fish

Zen Word

Outlaw Poker

Penthouse Photo Pop

SHIPPING : The price of this machine includes free insured shipping to the Continental 48 states. I have started shipping these machines in 2 pieces in 2 separate boxes. One box has the heavy metal base. The second box has the lighter "computer" part of the machine. Once you receive them, 6 screws will need to be set to put the machine together. This is done using a Philips head screwdriver, and it's a piece of cake! :)