Megatouch ION Intel Motherboard for Megatouch Aurora, Aurora WS, and Rx games

Megatouch ION Intel Board for Aurora and Rx Games
Megatouch ION Intel Board for Aurora and Rx Games
Item# IONIntelbd

Product Description

If you have a Megatouch ION Aurora, Aurora WS, or Rx game, and the motherboard is shot, here you go! This is a refurbished motherboard. It includes a new CPU Fan, new battery, and a 1 year warranty! This is THE BEST OPTION for your Megatouch Aurora game! Most Aurora games shipped with an Asus board from the factory. However, these Intel boards (originally used in the Aurora WS and Rx games) will drop right into an original Aurora with ZERO modifications! Everything plugs in exactly the same. The benefits, however, are that the Intel boards are cheaper, smaller, and more reliable!

This board WILL ONLY WORK on games with 2009 or newer software installed. The drivers for the Intel board were not present on the Megatouch software prior to 2009. If you have an Aurora with 2007 or 2008 software, let me know. I can include an ION 09 security key and used hard drive for $39 more. That is still cheaper than the Asus board, however, you will be getting a MUCH MORE RELIABLE motherboard.