Megatouch ION ECS Motherboard (The Purple Board)

Megatouch ION ECS Replacement Motherboard
Megatouch ION ECS Replacement Motherboard
Item# ionecsbd

Product Description

If you have a Megatouch ION EVO, Elite Edge, or Fusion game, and the motherboard is shot, here you go! This is a refurbished motherboard. It includes all new capacitors, new CPU Fan, new battery, and a 1 year warranty! If you are considering buying a board with the original caps on it, DON'T! It's just going to fail. The caps I use on these will last forever!

This motherboard will work in an ION EVO, ION Elite Edge, and ION Fusion.

It WILL NOT work in An ION Aurora or Rx. It also will not work in any XL, Maxx, or Force games.